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Welcome to our website page. I, Pastor Marc Grizzard, would like to personally invite you to our church, if you are looking for a church home. We are a friendly old time country church that enjoys old time preaching, old time psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, shouting and praising the Lord, and don't forget good Southern home cooking.

I believe that the vision and purpose for Northside Baptist church is 5 fold:
  1. Exalt the Saviour ("For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord." 2 Corinthians 4:5
  2. Expound the Scriptures
  3. Evangelize the Sinner
  4. Edify the Saint
  5. Equip the Saved
We endeavor to practice these goals in many different ways: supporting missionaries, sending our people to the mission field, giving, witnessing, tract distribution, visitation, personal evangelism, sending notes and letters, saying a kind word, helping our widows, caring for the fatherless (orphans), men and ladies fellowships, church functions, singing, testifying, preaching, teaching, revivals, meetings, Bible studies, work days, cutting grace, and cleaning.  Like all good Baptist, we like to eat too.

We invite you to come out to our services where we are sure you will love it. There is only one thing we like more than a first time guest, that's a second time guest.

If my wife, Beth, or myself can answer any questions for you concerning our church please don't hesitate to call the church at 386-364-4299. May God bless!

Pastor Marc Grizzard

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