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Services at Northside are traditional with old time preaching and singing. We are still using psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs

that touch the heart and soul's of individuals. Our church has many different groups that sing and play, along with our choir that

sings often. Occasionally, we invite singing groups in to sing and preach such as: The Hinkle Family, The Rogers Family, etc. We

enjoy preaching that God uses to speak to the saved and the lost. Preaching that presents the old-time gospel as it applies with the

issues of everyday life. Often in our services you will experience the alters being filled with folks doing business with God alone and

with others praying with them.

Our church has weekly Bible studies for all ages that is relevant to their every day lives. These Bible studies are taught by saved,

down to earth members of our church and our community. We are presently remodeling many of our class rooms due to resent

groweth and needed upgrades. We meet every week at 10:00 AM on Sunday Mornings before worship. On each 3rd Sunday of the

month, we meet at 9:30 AM for a big breakfast. There is always plenty of delicious breakfast items to choose from as well as many

sweets, fruit, coffee, and drinks. Then we break up into our small Bible studies around ten o'clock or so. Here are a list of our

present classes, teachers, and ages:

Ambassadors For Christ--Pastor Marc--Men 20 plus class

Lilies Of The Valley--Beth Grizzard--Women 36 plus class

Perculiar  Pathfinders--Annette Selph--Women 20-35

Armour Bearers--Pete Noelker--Teen Men--12-19

Sparrows--Stephanie Selph--Teen Women--12-19

Lion Cubs--Hannah Grizzard--6-11

Little Fishes--Maria Grizzard--0-5

Delicious hot coffee is always served each week before and during Bible study. We invite all who come to our Bible studies to stay

for our worship service at eleven, but is not a requirement.

Years ago churches would gather in the middle of the week for "Wednesday Night Prayer Service." Many churches have gotten

away from this Biblical tradition of prayer. We have not! Wednesday night prayer service is a sweet time for our people to share

their burdens and praise. We have a blessed time around God's throne singing and praying together. After prayer, our pastor

brings a relevant message that encourages and instructs us in the word of God. Pastor Marc is going through the Book of I

Thessalonians right now, giving us a copy of each lesson so we can use as a reference and personal Bible study. Our Wednesday

night prayer service begins at 7:00 PM and is normally over in a hour or so.

Our people here are warm and friendly to guest and members alike. We would love to have you come

out and experience our services for yourselves. We hope to see you soon!

During each service we provide a safe and remodeled nursery for children ages three and under.

"A Great Place to Visit, but A Better Place to Belong!"

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